Heart and Cardiovascular Services

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Georgia Regents Heart & Cardiovascular Services is the region’s only academic medical center with a dedicated heart and vascular program that offers the broadest range services for adults and children in this region.

Our dedicated team of cardiologists and surgeons take care of patients with the most complex heart and vascular issues. That means no matter what your diagnosis is, we have the experience to ensure that your heart is in good hands.

Why Choose Georgia Regents Heart and Cardiovascular Services for Heart Care?

  • We can diagnose your heart problem. Our tools range from echocardiograms and stress tests to our 64-slice CT scanner, the latest and fastest heart screening technology.
  • We care for your condition. We have the area’s first accredited chest pain center, as well as the area’s only full-service heart rhythm center.
  • We prevent future problems. Our supportive services include a freestanding outpatient clinic and the area’s only cardiac rehabilitation program with a full-time physician.

Coronary Calcium Screening: Test Your Heart Disease Risk

Every 25 seconds, someone in the U.S. experiences a heart attack or coronary event. Do you know your risk? 

Heart & Cardiovascular Services introduces Coronary Calcium Scanning, an easy, 15-minute test that is up to 10 times more accurate at predicting your heart attack risk than traditional diagnostic methods, such as measuring blood cholesterol levels. A calcium scan can help your physician determine additional diagnostics, and the types of preventive therapies or treatment you might need. 

Other Heart Tests and Diagnostics

  • Diagnostic heart tests, including the area’s only fully accredited, digital adult echocardiography lab, electrocardiograms, stress tests and Holter monitors
  • 64-Slice CT Scanner, the latest in heart screening technology that captures fast, incredibly detailed views of the heart, giving our cardiologists the information they need to diagnose quickly during emergencies
  • Mobile Heart Ultrasound, partnering with area companies to bring safe, quick screenings for heart disease to you

Dedicated Programs and Centers

  • Heart Attack / Chest Pain Center, the area’s first accredited chest pain center, located right in our Emergency Department to speed treatment to you
  • Fully Digitized Cardiac Catheterization Lab, caring for high-risk patients to open blocked arteries in 40 minutes or less (50 minutes less than the national average)
  • Advanced Stroke Care, in conjunction with our nationally recognized Neuroscience Center of Excellence, to treat underlying carotid artery disease, a cause of more than half of all strokes
  • Heart Rhythm Center, with advanced technology like Stereotaxis™ Remote Magnetic Navigation, allowing us to treat complex heart rhythm problems with safe, non-invasive procedures not available anywhere else in the area 
  • Specialized Cardiothoracic Surgery, including heart bypass, vascular surgeries and pediatric surgery
  • Pediatric Cardiology, at our Children's Hospital of Georgia, the region’s only children’s hospital

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