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Children's Hospital of Georgia's Pediatric Cardiology Program: A Continuum of Care for Heart Defects

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Congenital heart defects occur when you are born with a heart problem. Acquired heart defects can happen after an infection damages the heart muscle.

While congenital and acquired heart defects happen most commonly in children, our program cares for those with these kinds of heart defects throughout childhood and into adulthood.

Heart Care at the Region’s Only Children’s Hospital

The Children's Hospital of Georgia is located at 1446 Harper St. Parking is available in two adjacent parking decks.

Heart care in children requires a team of heart specialists dedicated just to kids. Our board-certified cardiologists and surgeons are specifically trained to handle the unique needs of children’s hearts. 

Every year, we care for hundreds of children from across the region with acquired or congenital heart defects.

Why Choose Us? 

In-Hospital Care

  • An inpatient Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) with wireless telemetry monitoring
  • An inpatient pediatric heart unit for pediatric patients who do not require intensive care, staffed by nurses specially trained to manage pediatric heart patients
  • The region’s only Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) technology and specialists to keep the hearts and lungs of critically ill children working for up to two weeks during healing

Cardiac Catheterization

Heart Surgery


  • Arrhythmia evaluation and management
  • Pacemaker management

Support for Families

Meet our Pediatric Heart Specialists

Dr. William Lutin
Dr. Kenneth Murdison
Dr. Henry Wiles