Cancer Radiation Oncology at the
Georgia Radiation Therapy Center

Georgia Radiation Therapy Center is a free standing cancer treatment center located on the campus of Georgia Regents Medical Center. Over one thousand patients from across Georgia and South Carolina come to this facility every year for treatment. Georgia Regents Medical Center Radiation Therapy Center treats patients from four local hospitals: Georgia Regents Medical Center, University Health System, Veterans Administration, and Trinity Hospital.

Our Radiation Therapy Center houses four linear accelerators, a computed tomography machine (CT), and a positron emission computed tomography machine (PET/CT). The PET/CT machine is used to find and diagnose cancer. The CT machine is used to plan out and construct treatment portals for cancer patients. The linear accelerators are used to administer the radiation treatments.

If you need cancer radiation therapy, consider the Radiation Therapy Center at Georgia Regents Health System in Augusta, GA. This freestanding regional facility serves as an open-staff community radiation oncology cancer treatment center for the Southeast. The center is equipped to fight tumors in Georgia and South Carolina cancer patients with precision and Patient Family Centered Care.

The center offers:

  • Staffs the largest team of radiation oncologists in the Augusta, Ga. area. Including seven Radiation Oncologists, a Registered Nurse, three LPNs, four Radiation Physicists, four Medical Dosimetrists, two Nuclear Medicine Technologists, and twelve Radiation Therapists.
  • Uses SmartBeam intensity modulated therapy. Similar to a global positioning system, it targets beams to the exact shape of tumors, allowing for higher doses of radiation without impacting surrounding organs or tissue.
  • Is an “inspiration environment” equipped exclusively with Varian technology, allowing for smoother, more coordinated planning, monitoring and delivery of care.
  • Employs only board-certified radiologic technologists specializing in radiation therapy, a higher standard than the state requires.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the center directly at 706-721-2971 or toll free at 866-935-8946.