Respect, Dignity and Privacy

Your Rights

  • Respect
    • We will provide considerate and respectful care that recognizes your personal dignity, and without discrimination as to race, religion, sex, national origin or source of payment.
    • You have the right to receive considerate and respectful care free of unnecessary restraint.
  • Information
    • We will provide the name(s) of the physician(s) responsible for your care, and the names and functions of any other caregivers.
    • We will provide appropriate and timely information about your care in understandable terms either to you or to the individual legally authorized to act on your behalf.
    • You will have the opportunity to discuss and understand your health care, including the purpose, the probable outcomes and the alternatives, if any exist.
    • You will be provided with an opportunity to examine and receive an explanation of your hospital bill. You may ask about assistance in paying your bill or filing insurance forms.
    • We will provide information about your discharge in a timely manner.
    • We will provide you with information about accessing protective services such as guardianship, conservatorship, and child and adult protective services. In certain situations, staff may access protective services on your behalf without your knowledge or permission. However, when appropriate, you will be advised that these services have been contacted.
    • You may not be transferred to another facility unless you have received a complete and timely explanation of the needs for and any alternatives to the transfer.
      The transfer must be acceptable to the receiving facility.
    • You have the right to be informed of the hospital’s grievance procedure by calling Quality Management.
  • Pain Management
    • We will believe your reports of pain and respond quickly to assess and manage your pain. You will be provided information about pain and pain relief measures and given the opportunity to participate in decision making.
  • Participation
    • You can refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law and will be informed of the medical consequences of this action. If your refusal prevents us from acting in accordance with our professional standards, we can give you reasonable notice and then terminate our relationship with you.
    • You are free to leave the hospital against medical advice. However, we will not be responsible for any harm this may cause you.
    • If you are asked to participate in research projects, sometimes called clinical trials, you will be informed of the risks, benefits and alternatives. You will be provided with a full explanation of the procedures. You will also be told that you may refuse to participate, and that your refusal will not compromise your access to care or services.
  • Privacy
    • We will be considerate of your privacy to the extent that we can while providing appropriate medical care in a teaching environment. Any interview, examination or treatment will take place in areas designed to ensure reasonable privacy.
    • You are free to see or refuse to see persons not formally affiliated with Georgia Regents Health or those not directly involved with your care.
    • We will maintain your privacy and the confidentiality of your medical records according to law or thirdparty contractual agreements.
    • You have the right to have a person of your same gender present during certain segments of physical examinations or treatments performed by a health care professional of the opposite gender.