Heart and Cardiovascular Services Practice Site

Heart and Cardiovascular CenterOur practice is located at 1003 Chafee Ave., with convenient parking. Request an online appointment or call 706-721-2426.

Designed by patients for patients, our outpatient clinic provides medical management and monitoring of patients with heart conditions by our team of fellowship-trained cardiologists and advanced practice nurses. 

Our freestanding facility offers convenient, outside-the-door parking. 

State-of-the-Art Heart Care and Condition Management

Our outpatient clinic coordinates all aspects of your heart and vascular care, before, during and after treatment. The Heart and Cardiovascular Services Practice Site offers:

  • Heart condition management
  • Advanced practice nurses to manage assessment, establishment of nursing diagnoses, interdisciplinary care planning, evaluation and reassessment based on standards of care

Heart and Cardiovascular Diagnostics

  • Outpatient diagnostic testing including echo, stress echo, dobutamine stress echo, nuclear stress and routine stress testing and noninvasive vascular testing

Heart Medication Management

  • Medication administration to include oral, intramuscular, subcutaneous and intravenous routes
  • Preparation and medication management to include dietary precautions/interactions

Cardiovascular Monitoring

  • Congestive heart failure symptom surveillance monitoring
  • Coumadin monitoring (to prevent blood clots)
  • Device evaluation
  • Non-invasive patient monitoring (oxygen saturation, blood pressure, EKG) as well as blood tests and other specimen collection

Heart Health Education

  • Patient and family education on cardiac risk factor modifications and cardiac procedures (diagnostic, interventional cath, invasive and non-invasive echocardiograms, cardioversions)

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