Patient Stories

At GRHealth, we realize that behind every patient, there is a person.  Our teams strive to provide the highest quality, most personalized care unique to a specific person’s needs.  Our advanced technology and world-class clinicians team up every day with our patients and their families to make miracles happen.

These inspirational stories are just a few examples of the healing that happens at GRHealth every day.

Joey Gaines and wife

Joey Gaines

For the first 32 years, Joey's life was epilepsy.  By his 32nd birthday he was having approximately 800 seizures a year.  His condition became debilitating and he could either have the surgery or his next seizure could be fatal.  Now 15 years after the surgery that saved his life, Joey is leading a full life.  He attributes his success to God, his loving wife Linda, and his physicians.  Joey is now doing things he was never able to do like driving safely, motorcycle riding, and even skydiving!  He is living a fulfilling and complete life thanks to the Georgia Regents Epilepsy Center.
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At 6 months old, Sophie had an allergic reaction to amoxicillin. Her parents, Connie and Jake, had no idea what was going on because Sophie had taken this medicine before with no previous reaction. Sophie’s face was extremely swollen, so much so that her eyes were almost completely shut. Connie and Jake rushed her to Children’s Hospital of Georgia's Emergency Department. The family had an excellent experience in the ED, especially when the doctors distracted Sophie with bubbles in order to perform the necessary tests. Sophie is now a happy and healthy 27-month-old! 
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