Heart Rhythm / Arrhythmia

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Sometimes your heart can beat too fast or irregularly. These heart rhythm problems are called arrhythmias. They can be caused by heart disease, certain underlying conditions and lifestyle factors, such as smoking. Learn more about arrhythmias with patient education videos.

Some arrhythmias can be treated with medication. Others can benefit from ablation and other procedures by electrophysiologists, cardiologists who are specially trained to care for heart rhythm problems.

Southeast Region’s Only Heart Rhythm Center and Electrophysiology Lab

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As the region’s only dedicated electrophysiology lab, we offer a state-of-the-art facility that focuses exclusively on EP procedures. This spacious lab was designed in conjunction with our patients and provides the most advanced technology in the region to treat heart rhythm conditions and other complex heart problems in both adults and children.

We treat:

  • Atrial fibrillation, an irregular and fast heartbeat starting in the heart’s two upper chambers and the most common arrhythmia
  • Ventrical tachycardia, a very fast and dangerous rhythm starting in the heart’s two lower chambers
  • Supraventricular tachycardia, a rapid heartbeat that happens only occasionally
  • Heart failure, an inability of the heart to pump enough blood to the rest of the body
  • Other complex heart conditions

Advanced Electrophysiology Technology Means More Options for Patients

Our fellowship trained electrophysiologists provide a complete and thorough evaluation to diagnose and treat heart rhythm problems and other conditions.

Heart Rhythm Diagnostics

  • Conventional and advanced electrophysiology studies, including exclusive 3D mapping that provides a precise view of the heart’s structures
  • Specialized echocardiograms, such as Holter monitoring, event monitoring and loop recorders
  • Tilt table testing to diagnose and manage syncope, or fainting

EP and Ablation Services

  • Stereotaxis™ Remote Magnetic Navigation. We are the only providers in the region to offer this technology, which gently and effectively treats complex arrhythmias in all four chambers of the heart previously believed untreatable.
  • Catheter ablation, which uses radiofrequency energy to treat the part of the heart muscle causing arrhythmias
  • Cryoablation, which freezes the part of the heart muscle causing arrhythmias

Heart Rhythm Devices

Heart Rhythm Clinical Services

  • Medication management
  • EP evaluation and management
  • Implanted device management
  • Second opinions for arrhythmia
  • Coordination of genetic testing for hereditary arrhythmia syndromes
  • Certified technicians and registered nurses

Meet Our Heart Rhythm Specialists

Robert Sorrentino, MD
Adam E. Berman, MD
William Maddox, MD