Challenges to Better Care

Hospitals face challenges when trying to effectively plan for better patient care. Valuable time is spent negotiating through complex procurement, maintenance, and service guidelines with vendors. Different departments have their own clinical and financial priorities. Many even compete for budget dollars. This new health care delivery model being created by Georgia Regents and Philips is helping to minimize these issues and give hospitals a comprehensive system to manage priorities and budgets.

“It’s no longer a simple supply-and-demand business model. Our goal with the Philips alliance is to foster an atmosphere of meaningful innovation that will have a significant and positive impact on the health of our patients. This is the future of health care.”
– David S. Hefner, CEO of Georgia Regents Medical Centerlivercancer team

“By collaborating with Philips, we’re bringing all the stakeholders together at the table to better assess and plan health care for tomorrow. When we better plan the services we provide and the technologies and systems we will use, we’ll be able to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently, and our patients will reap the benefits.”
– Dr. James V. Rawson, Chief of Radiology, Georgia Regents Medical Center