Healing Arts Program

Enhancing the healing environment in patient care areas through the utilization of music, visual arts, performing arts and a variety of expressive arts is a key component of the Healing Arts Program and the Georgia Regents Medical Center philosophy of Patient and Family Centered Care. Artists participating in the program have the opportunity to share their talents in a unique environment where they are truly needed and appreciated. Hospitals incorporating the arts in their health care regimen report many positive results for their patients such as changes in breathing patterns, lowered blood pressure, decreased pain perception, increased relaxation and emotional well-being.

The Healing Arts Program:

  • Healing Music - Live music provided in patient care areas may include solo or group vocalists and instrumentalists.
  • Healing Art - Artists work one on one with patients exploring their creative energies and providing relief from stressful circumstances.
  • Gallery Art - Rotating exhibits may include paintings, tapestries, photography, sculpture, and others. These exhibits provide a unique and greatly appreciated change in the physical environment. Gallery spaces are provided throughout the facilities.
  • Other - Many expressive art forms of therapy are welcomed to develop additional support for Georgia Regents Medical Center patients and families.


The Healing Arts Program is incorporated within several inpatient and outpatient areas of the hospitals and clinics with current gallery spaces in the West entrance and second floor of the Medical Center. When we began planning this facility in partnership with our patient advisors, one of our major goals was to create a peaceful, healing environment for the minds and spirits of our patients, their families and friends. Part of that environment includes commissioned works of art from local and regional artists featuring flowers, plants and natural landscapes from our area.

Exhibit locations:

  • Medical Center, 2nd Floor near Radiology
  • Medical Office Building, Phlebotomy Lab, 2nd Floor
  • Medical Center, West Entrance

Become A Healing Artist
The program is designed to provide a variety of services based on the needs of our patients and families. We offer flexible schedules for our artists, including weekly, monthly and occasional visits. All artists and program participants must abide by Healing Arts guidelines and applicable artists agreements.

If you are interested in participating in the Healing Arts Program, please contact Amanda Hooper of the GRU Healing Arts Program at 706-721-3596.