Interpreter Services

Georgia Regents Medical Center recognizes and supports the needs of Limited English Proficient (LEP)and deaf and hard-of-hearing patients who require assistance in communicating with hospital and clinic staff. Interpreter Services is dedicated to help healthcare providers bridge the gap with LEP and hearing impaired patients through accurate interpretation.

We value the uniqueness of all individuals by recognizing their distinct beliefs, culture, needs and strengths. We are commitment to support Georgia Regents Medical Center's mission of serving the community and providing the highest quality care.

Why Interpreter Services?

As the local population becomes more diverse, we find ourselves increasingly interacting with patients from distinct cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Given the vital implications of culture and language in the delivery and receipt of health care services, it is important that our staff is able to identify and respond to the needs and preferences of these patients.

Interpreter Services has an array of services, as established by policy 14.58, to support our mission. We have trained Spanish Medical Interpreters available 24/7. For languages other than Spanish, we have contracted CyraCom International, a transparent language service that specializes in medical interpretation in over 150 different languages. Interpreter Services also coordinate access to licensed American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters for the hearing impaired.

Department Manager

Vivian Rice
706-721-6962 - fax


Medical Interpreters

Sara Rogers

Mirza Dominicci
Lilianna Noble

Fany Moreno
Max Guzman
Monique Smith


How to Contact Your Medical Interpreters

Monday - Friday (On-Site) 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM 706-721-6929  /  706-721-6927
Monday - Friday (On-Call ) 9:00 PM - 8:00 AM 706-721-6929 (To page the Interpreter)
Weekends (On-Call )   706-721-6929 (To page the Interpreter)
Holidays (On-Call )   706-721-6929 (To page the Interpreter)

Please, have the following information ready if possible:

  • Your name & phone extension
  • Location & room number
  • Language required
  • Patient's name & Medical Record Number
  • Name of attending physician
  • A brief explanation of the medical concern
  • An estimated length of time


All Languages Other Than Spanish

In order to serve those patients who speak any other language besides Spanish please use the CyraCom Phones (commonly known as the Blue Phones) to have access to over-the-phone interpretation service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you need the Blue Phone, please either call the Interpreter Services at 706-721-6929 and ask to have a set deliver to your clinic when the international patient checks-in; or ask your depatment's Manager for the location of the nearest Blue Phone.
For emergency room patients (Including Labor & Delivery) contact the Charge Nurse to access CyraCom language service.
Please note the placements of CyraCom (Blue Phones) at the Main Hospital & Children Hospital:


Main Hospital

2nd Floor As Needed
3rd Floor 3 N, 3W, 3S
4th Floor 4S, 4W
5th Floor 5S, BMT, 5N, 5W
6th Floor 6S. CCu. 6N, CIU, CATH LAB
7th Floor 7 Perinatal, 7S
8th Floor 8W, EP LAB, 9N


Children's Medical Center (CMC)




Sign Language Interpreters

American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters are available by appointment only.

Arrangements for this service must be made as much in advance as possible. Contact Interpreter Services Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM to schedule a Sign Language Interpreter. Notify the Interpreter Service department immediately of any cancellation or rescheduling of appointments.

In case of an emergency, and to ensure access to qualified sign language interpreters 24/7, Georgia Regents Medical Center has contracted the services of DT Interpreting. With their Deaf-Talk system they have become pioneers in the field of Sign Language interpretations using tele-video conferencing technology. The system is available through the Interpreter Services.

Please contact us at 706-721-6929.